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  • Wild Cheetah of the Month: November

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    Wild Cheetah of the Month: November

    Joy Story

    Joy Story is known to runners in this area. She earns top awards in both running races and triathlons and supports the running community: she is active in the PRA, participated in MNT, and is definitely an active participant and supporter of The Wild Cheetahs. Her greatest achievement is placing third in her age group at the Triathlon Nationals in Cleveland, Ohio in 2019. Even to qualify to compete in that event is an achievement.


    Joy grew up in Cleveland, Tennessee. She got her B.A. from the University of Kentucky in History and German and earned another degree in Accounting at the University of South Florida. She married and moved to Dallas, Texas, and had 2 daughters: Krissy and Kim. Kim, a Texas A&M Grad, decided to compete in a Super Sprint: (Short course---200 yard swim, 8 mile bike, and a 2 mile run) in College Station, Texas. She challenged Joy to compete with her. Kim ended up spraining her ankle and couldn't participate but Joy did. After that, Joy just kept signing up for triathlons. The Dallas Area had about 10 triathlons a year so she just kept competing in them. She ran a few races but concentrated mainly on the tris. After she retired from work, she and her husband moved to Milton. Since there are fewer triathlons here, she has participated more in running.


    Joy stresses how important The Wild Cheetahs (Phat Girlz) has been for her, both in improving her running and making and maintaining "amazing friendships". She finds the group so encouraging and says: "What a great group of ladies to sweat with!"


    Joy looks at training for and competing in triathlons and road races as a means to maintaining good health and spirits. She studies and follows good, scientifically-based diet plans and always stresses and gets plenty of rest.


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