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  • 3 Misconceptions about Run Specialty Stores

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    3 Misconceptions about Run Specialty Stores


    Misconception #1: “I have to be a runner to shop at a run specialty store”

    Going into a Running Store can be one of the most intimidating steps for many people who are trying to get started in the sport or those who just need help finding the proper footwear. There is this crazy idea out there that everyone who works in a running shoe store is some kind of super athlete that runs a 4 minute mile, only eats kale smoothies and sleeps in an altitude tent. The truth is that we are just a bunch of regular people who like eating pizza, love the sport of running and care deeply about helping our community live a happier and healthier lifestyle. We work with people from all backgrounds and stages of their fitness journey. As an employee of a Run Specialty store myself I find nothing more satisfying than seeing how a proper pair of running shoes or  a little bit of advice to someone in need can transform their life in a positive way. If you are on the fence about taking the first step of heading to your local run shop, please don’t be intimidated, we are here for the sole purpose of helping you live your best and healthiest life!


    Misconception #2: “The shoes will be more expensive at a specialty store”

    The Fact of the matter is that when a new shoe is released the price is set by the manufacturer and all retailers of that product must abide by those prices until a certain date after the shoes release date.  This is what is known as a MAP Policy or Minimum Advertised Price. So, not only will your local running store offer the same price as online retailers on a pair of shoes but because of their relationship with the manufacturers you will usually be able to exchange your shoes for no cost if they don’t work out for you. Another obvious perk of shopping local is that the workers at the running store will be highly trained in helping determine which shoes will be a good/ healthy fit for your personal needs and goals.


    Misconception #3: “I can just research and buy what I need online”

    There is no denying that there is a wealth of great information out there on the world wide web about “the best running shoes of 2021” or “the 5 pieces of gear you need for your first Marathon”  the only problem is that most of the information out there is extremely subjective and isn’t necessarily curated for your specific needs or goals. If you make the commitment to stop by your local running store the experts there will be able to have a personalized conversation with you about your goals and then help you find some options that might work well for you. You’ll also have the chance to try on a few different pieces of gear before you buy them so that you can see what actually works for YOU! Just because your favorite YouTube Personality loves the new Hoka Clifton 7 Doesn’t mean that it will be the best option for you. I don’t want to discourage you from getting online and doing your own research because there is an incredible amount of great information out there but when it comes down to your final decision please take the time to have a conversation with your friendly neighborhood run store!

    As a final note, I would like to remind you that shopping local is more important now than ever. The COVID-19 Pandemic has been incredibly difficult on small businesses all over the world. You can make a difference in your local community by making thoughtful decisions with your hard earned money and supporting your favorite local small business.



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