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  • ON Running Shoes - Is Running on "Clouds" the way of the Future?

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    ON Running Shoes - Is Running on "Clouds" the way of the Future?

    Running shoe technology has come a LONG way since the early days of the sport. There have been huge advancements  in the materials, the geometry, and the recent addition of the carbon plate into many of the top tier racing shoes. But, what ON Running is doing with the design and construction of their shoes is radically different from any other brand in the industry! In this post I am going to dive into the technology that ON Running Shoes use, how it differs from other brands and then I’ll jump in to the three different models that we carry here in the store and how they differ from one another. If you prefer to learn about ON Running shoes by watching a video then scroll to the bottom of the post for the video version of this blog.

    The Technology

    The technology that ON uses in their shoes is quite unique and different from other, more traditional running shoe brands like Brooks, Asics or New Balance. On uses what they call a “Cloudtec” cushioning system. The idea is that each pod crushes down during the foot strike and then rebounds back for an energetic toe off.The other benefit of this technology is that it breaks the midsole of the shoe into multiple zones that react to your specific gait and how your foot moves through the cycle. ON shoes also incorporate a plastic plate into the midsole called a “speedboard” The purpose of the Speedboard is to allow the shoes to be able to flex with the foot through out the gait and then snap back or rebound to its original position to give a crisp, responsive feel during toe off. This is similar to the technology being used in the carbon plated racing shoes from brands like Nike, Saucony and Hoka OneOne.



    The ON Cloud 

    The ON Cloud is, by far, the most popular of all of the offerings from ON. The Cloud is extremely popular because of its versatility, its super lightweight chassis and the incorporation all the key technology that makes ON’s so unique. The Cloud is designed to be a great “do everything” type of shoe that can be used for a quick session at the gym, a light run or just for casual use around the neighborhood. This shoe comes in a bunch of different colors and styles so that it can be incorporated into any environment or outfit without looking out of place. I like to think of the cloud as a casual shoe with running capabilities rather than the other way around. The Cloud would be a great option if you were going on a trip somewhere and wanted to bring just one pair of shoes with you that you could do everything in and not look like you are headed to the start line of your local 5k. If you are going to be using your ON’s as dedicated running shoes than there are other models that are going to be more suited to your needs but the Cloud is an awesome shoe that falls into the “Athleisure” category. The Cloud retails for $130 and is available HERE

    ON Cloud Specs:

    Drop: 6mm

    Mens – 8.1 oz

    Women’s – 6.4 oz


    The Cloudflow

    The next model in the lineup is called the Cloudflow. This shoe is a little more geared towards the performance runner than the Cloud. It incorporates the same technology but it has a much more supportive upper to hold your foot more securely if you are doing speed work or running longer distances. The midsole in this shoe is also going to be a bit more responsive and specific to running than the cloud. The Cloudflow also has a much more robust lacing system to hold your foot securely throughout your run. This shoe is roughly the same weight as the cloud but is going to just give you that extra little bit of support that you need in your running shoes if you are using them to get out there for some speed work or a long run. The Cloudflow retails for $140 and is available HERE

    ON Cloudflow Specs:

    -6mm drop

    – Mens – 8.1 oz

    – Womens – 6.7 oz


    The Cloudflyer

    The third and final model I’d like to touch on is the Cloudflyer. This is the most structured and stable of the shoes in the ON lineup. The midsole uses more rubber in each “Cloudtech” pod to give a bit more cushioning and support. The upper on this model is also a fair bit wider than the other ON models so it will accommodate those people who have a wider foot or just prefer a little bit more room for their toes to splay out when they’re out running. The Cloudflyer would be a great option for someone running longer distances or that’s just craving a little bit more plush cushioning than the other ON models offer. The Cloudflyer retails for $160 and is available HERE

    ON Cloudflyer Specs:

    -7mm drop

    – Mens 8.9 oz

    – Womens 7.4 oz

    I hope you got some valuable information from this quick rundown of the models we carry here at Running Wild. If you have any questions about ON’s or anything else running related please ask in the comments section of the video below and I’ll do my best to answer them. If you are in the local area, please stop by and try a pair on for yourself.  Happy Running!


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