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  • Pensacola Wild Cheetah Girlz


    About The Group

    Wild Cheetah Girlz is a diverse girls only walking and running club and more, its a spirit of sisterhood. The positive group is focused on encouraging and being encouraged.

    Show up a few minutes early to get signed in, no cost to join and no need to register. Just show up. Once you sign in, a staff member or coach can help you by showing you where to put your stuff, giving you a map and answer any questions. We do brief announcements and then head out for our run/walk at 8:30am Wednesdays sharp. We offer free speedwork led by a group leader, this is always optional. We want to encourage you to reach new goals and help you get out of your comfort zone. This is a safe place. All women of all abilities are welcome. Just come as you are and get encouraged to reach new goals and push past your comfort zone.

    *** Scroll Down For Routes ***

    Sounds Awesome, How do I get involved?

    No fee, no sign up. Just say you’re Wild and you’re in! Can’t make a weekly run or don’t live near a Running Wild? No problemo, get involved through Facebook and sign up for the WCG Weekly Newsletter

    October Workouts

    October 4:

    • 3 mile course: one mile time trial sandwiched in between a mile warm up and cool down.
    • 5 mile course:  1:1, 2:2, 3:3, 3:3, 2:2 1:1, 1:1 13 minutes of pick up/ 13 minutes of cool down.  (First number is your pick up and second number is your recovery.  Faster runners trot back to the last runner so each interval we start as a team.)

    October 11: 

    • 3 mile course: 1:1 ten times.
    • 5 mile course: 90 seconds with one minute recovery x 10 (15 minutes ON with 10 minutes recovery total)

    October 18:

    • 3 milers: 2:1 x 4 (8 minutes of speed with 5 minutes recovery)
    • 5 milers: 30 seconds on with 90 second recovery x 15.  (sprint pace with longer recovery.  work on form)

    October 25:

    • Hill Repeats 6-10 repeats


    Upcoming Events

    First Wednesday Feast Day after the run.  Join us for brunch at Aunt Katies. 10/4

    Book Club 10/4

    The Big Beach Marathon Training Kick Off 10/5

    Pensacola Half and 5k 10/8

    Chappie James Bridge 5k 10/14

    Double Bridge 15k Training Kick Off 10/18

    Free Form Clinic  10/26

    Semper Fi 5k 10/28

    Halloween Costume Run at 6@6  10/31


    Sneak Peak at November Events

    Gulf Breeze Sprint Tri  11/5

    Friendsgiving 11/15

    Krul Lake Half Marathon 11/18

    Pensacola Turkey Trot 5k 11/23



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