Marathon Training


About the Program:

A 16 week training program designed for runners seeking a new challenge or veteran marathoners aiming for a personal best. This program provides coaches and pacers that teach you to safely increase distance to comfortably, healthily and strongly run 26.2 miles!

Training Pre-Reqs:

  • ALL participants must have a running base of at least 15 miles per week for the previous 8 weeks prior to the start of training
  • Have the ability to run 6 miles consistently
  • Run an average pace of a 13 minutes/mile

Training Information:

  • The 16 week program begins with an informative kick-off meeting and culminates with the big 26.2 mile run!
  • Your training schedule begins the week following the informative kick-off meeting
  • The group trains together on Saturdays (see location for specific times)
  • Long Runs are supported with hydration and include Pace Leaders for a 3 hour pace up to a 5 hour pace
  • Weekly training includes 4-6 days of specific, purposeful workouts prescribed by the coach based on your individual ability and goals
  • Weekly Workouts will include: Tempo Runs, Marathon Pace Runs, Medium Long Runs, Long Runs and more

The Program is $120 & Includes TONS:

  • Personalized weekly training schedule and coached guidance
  • Weekly email communication with coaches and pacers
  • Group workouts supported with hydration led by coach and/or pace Leaders
  • Monthly seminars on endurance training related topics (Training Nutrition, Injury Prevention, Speed and Recovery, Race Day Prep, etc)
  • Custom Running Wild shirt
  • Amphipod water bottle
  • Training log
  • Race entry not included

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Informative Kick-Off Meeting– September 13, 2018 | 5:30pm | Running Wild, 3012 E. Cervantes, Pensacola FL.
Culminating Marathon– Late Fall Marathon OR First Light Marathon | January 13, 2019

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