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The Golden Elite summer track program is for youth ages 5-18 who are interested in running for fun and competition.

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What: This is an opportunity for kids ages 5-18 to develop into strong and fast runners alongside their peers. Practices are varied including drills to work on form, trail running, endurance runs, speed-work, and interval workouts on the track. Our young runners train with a goal.

Why: The sport of running and track & field is a great way to learn that hard work and dedication can help you achieve your goals in life, on and off the track. They gain fitness, running experience, and get a taste of competition. All of this while having a blast! Runners get the opportunity to compete in tracks meets (optional, but encouraged). Some athletes advance to national level competition, an opportunity to run with the best youth runners in the country.

OFF SEASON is HERE and it is FREE of Charge!

Oct. 16th – Dec. 31st
Golden Elite Off Season Offers:

  • Fundamentals of Running
  • Sprint Training
  • Distance Training
  • Field Event Training

Off-Season Calendar:

Parents Meeting:

Will be announced once Track & Field Season starts back at up!

2019 Season & Registration Information!

Will be announced once Track & Field Season starts back at up!