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ON Cloudflyer

ON Cloudflyer

“Run on clouds”

Cushioned landing, firm takeoff.

Move freely as if barefoot, but protected from the shock of landing on the road. This means less impact, shorter ground contact time and good running form for a swift takeoff. Run more naturally with comfort, speed and no adaption time.
On CloudFlyer womens


  • Lightweight stability and cushioning
  • 12 “Cloud” elements built from Zero-Gravity foam provide supreme cushioning while staying lightweight.

  • Star lacing for secure comfort
  • Star lacing over a plush tongue brings long distance comfort and provides a snug, secure fit.

  • Wider platform for more stability
  • Wider surface area provides a stable stance for a safe ride.

  • Stability impulse
  • Stability impulse in specifically engineered heel “Clouds” promotes running motion without inward rotation.

    What Does The Running Wild Staff Say?

     Good cushioning without being spongy and squishy. I can really feel the wide platform in the heel that wants to make the shoe track straight forward instead of rocking to one side. Great response with a stable feel! 

    - Cherie Epstein