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Milestone Pod

Milestone Pod


The affordable and simple shoe-worn device gives you:
A smart shoe odometer. Know the total mileage of your shoes. No more manual tracking!

Gait and performance metrics:
Get unique foot-based data not available from other devices.

A convenient GPS back-up.
The Pod works everywhere, even indoors. It’s always ready to go and knows when you start and stop.
No need to run with your phone and no charging needed. The 6-8 month battery life will outlast your shoes!

Syncs via Bluetooth in seconds:
No need to carry your phone on your run. Sync to your smart device after you get home.
The tiny Pod has enough memory to store up to 20 hours of running or walking.



What Does The Running Wild Staff Say?

 This is an incredible tool! I've already improved my cadence and rate of impact. My running feels better! 

- Mike Overton