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Frozen Feet

Frozen Feet Kick Off | Jan. 21st

We are community driven, so it’s time to drive this community into a Healthy New Year! Let’s get started off on the right foot and become more active.

We are challenging YOU to get outside and walk, run, jog, skip or crawl for 1 Mile every day for 6 weeks straight starting on our kick-off date. Investing in your health is important to us, which is why the cost of this program is FREE!

Time to take a step off the treadmill and head outside so that we can stay true to the name and enjoy the Gulf Coast “Winter” Season.

How do you track your miles? It’s primarily on the honor system as this program is built for you to challenge yourself. We’ll have a weekly form for you to fill out so we can keep you motivated through out the challenge. Each verified finisher will receive an invite to our Defrosting Party on Saturday, March 9th!

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