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  • Graffiti Bridge 5k at 318 Graffiti Bridge

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    Graffiti Bridge 5k at 318 Graffiti Bridge

    May 25th 07:30 AM

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    318 Graffiti Bridge
    N 17th Ave
    Pensacola FL, 32502

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    This unique 5K run/walk will Start & Finish at a classic, local landmark. Iconic collector’s medals will be handed out to every finisher. Capture the opportunity to grab the medal to start your collection.

    Don’t Miss: Have you ever painted the World Famous Graffiti Bridge?

    Well here’s your chance. We will be closing down the street 2 hours prior to the race start for you to have access to the Bridge. Unless a train comes you’ll have uninterrupted access to “Tag” the bridge. #BYOPaint

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